List of Poisons & Toxins

assortment of household chemicalsassortment of household chemicalsAs a general rule, most things that are harmful to humans are harmful to our pets. When your pet ingests a poisonous substance, it affects the pet by the amount consumed and the size and weight of the pet. The smaller the pet the faster the toxins will spread in their body. Some research has shown that giving pets very small amounts of these toxins such as chocolate when they are pups every once in a while will build up their “immunity” in case they do happen to consume something, they will not be caught in the dark. Although I DO NOT recommend giving your pet any of these toxins, (and I do not practice that method), consult your vet about any questions. Most of the toxins cause a chain reaction of other health problems to occur, such as low blood sugar can cause seizures, and seizures can cause loss of coordination, etc…



assortment of chocolatesContains the methylxanthines theobromine which can cause vomiting, diarrhea, excessive panting, dehydration, and uncontrollable urination, hyperactivity, abnormal heart beat, tremors, seizures, and eventually will overwork the heart and cause a heart attack or the heart will just fail.

Grapes + Raisins

various fresh grapesScientists and doctors still cannot figure out cause why the effects of grapes and raisins are so harsh to dogs.  They can cause instant kidney failure to our beloved pets. Do not attempt to give your pet any grapes or raisins in any shape, form, or even small amounts. Symptoms include repeated vomiting.

Onions, Garlic, leek, chives, (any others in the onion plant family)

onions and garlicWhether raw, cooked, powdered/dehydrated, they still contain chemicals that cause intestinal and red blood cell damage. With red blood cell damage, anemia can occur. Symptoms include weakness, lack of interest towards food, breathing problems, and fatigue.

Avocados + Avocado seeds

avacado's shaped as the safetypaws logoA newly discovered fungicidal toxin named Persin found in all parts of the avocado plant (leaves, stems, seeds, bark, fruit, etc…) can cause repertory problems such as asphyxia(lack of oxygen in the system which = death), along with other serious but not deadly side effects.


sal and salt shakerToo much salt has the same effect to dogs as it does to humans, but since most are smaller than us, the process is sped up. Side effects include heartburn, high blood pressure, ulcers, osteoporosis, sodium ion poisoning, excessive thirst/urination, and death in large quantities or over a duration.


assortment of candyToo much sugar has the same effect to dogs as it does to humans, but since most are smaller than us, the process is sped up. Side effects include diabetes, vitamin c deficiency, heart disease, osteoporosis, dental issues, and other sugar illness effects.

Ingredients w/ Xylitol

Xylitol is sugar alcohol sweetener found in many candy, sweets, and DIET FOODS. It causes an increase of insulin which can cause low blood sugar, liver failure, seizures, collapsing/loss of balance, and other effects.

Yeast + Dough

package of yeastThe animal’s body temperature will cause the dough to rise inside the pups’ stomach which can cause numerous problems such as pain and intestinal blockage, the process will also cause fermentation (alcohol) to form in the dog which will be a direct effect of alcohol poisoning.

Rotten Foods

molded breadFoods once spoiled can contain many different bacteria and toxins that can be very deadly.

Food with High Amounts Fat

raw cut of meat with high amounts of visible fatSame as most other foods, foods containing a lot of fat is very bad for your pet, it will cause obesity which will cause heart disease, pancreatitis, and the list goes on from there.  There are some wives tails going regarding giving your dog some fat to give it a nice and shiny coat.  Bologna!

Nuts + Nutmeg

assortment of tree nutsJust like grapes and raisins, most nuts are very deadly to dogs but little is known why. When a dog consumes nuts the toxins in the nuts stay inside the animals system never flushing, so the more the dog eats the more it gets harmed. Although the effects of nuts such as macadamia nuts are almost instantaneous like grapes within 12 hours of ingestion, contact your vet immediately if your pet gets a hold of some. Symptoms include dehydration, heart problems/rapid heart rate, nausea, vomiting, muscle tremors, paralysis, etc… If combined with chocolate, symptoms will be much worse.

Alcoholic Beverages + Hops

assortment of alcoholic beveragesAlcohol consumption whether by humans, dogs, or dolphins causes the same effects all around.  Side effects include kidney failure, liver/brain damage, brain cell loss, impairment of judgment, vomiting, coma, death, the works.  Because most dogs don’t compare to our human sizes, they will get drunk faster and the effects will spread much quicker, just as if a child become intoxicated.


raw bonesI know what you’re thinking, bones!? Dogs love bones but they can be very dangerous to dogs. They are not toxic unless they are chocolate covered or boiled in beer. But bones, especially cooked bones (become weaker) and poultry bones, when chewed and broken up can become very sharp and can cut and cause all sorts of damage to your puppies inside. If you do decide to give your pet a bone, make sure you watch them at all times until they have consumed it and thoroughly chewed it(if your dog just woofs things down w/out chewing, DO NOT give them any bones!). If your dog starts to choke on the bone you’re probably going to have to go in there and see if you can retrieve it. Do not go through all the trouble, don’t give your dog’s bones.

Raw Foods

Raw or undercooked foods can be very dangerous to you and your pets. They can be a host to numerous bacteria and diseases. Most common are Escherichia coli (E. coli) and salmonella poisoning. Symptoms include upset stomach, vomiting, diarrhea, weaknesses, etc…


assortment of goods containing caffeineTea, coffee (ground beans/liquid), anything that contains caffeine is very dangerous to your pets health. Caffeine has all sorts of effects from anxiety, rapid heart rate, sleep disorders, etc…


fruit seedsMost fruit/plant seeds contain natural toxins/chemicals to deter animals from eating them so they can grow back and allows nature to repeat itself. Ex, apples and pear seeds contain arsenic which if ingested can cause all sorts of damage. Peach and plum seeds contain cyanide.

Potato Plants + Peels

Contain glycoalkaloids toxins which can also do numbers, such as diarrhea, coma, and death. The same chemical compounds in potatoes are also in tobacco plants; nicotine, eggplants, and other plants.

Tomato Plants

tomatoes stacked highTomatoes, stems, leaves, roots, all part of the plant contain tomatine a fungicidal toxin that can cause serious damage if consumed in large quantities.


assortment of mushroomsMost mushrooms are toxic to dogs, they are fungi! Remove all natural backyard mushrooms.



generic gallon of antifreezeMany animals love the taste of antifreeze, it tastes very sweet to them, but it is very toxic it contains the chemical ethylene glycol.

Various Chemicals

Dlawn soil and fertilizere-icers, Fertilizers, Cleaning detergents, Gas/Oil, household fragrance sprays/perfumes:

All chemicals around the house that you would not want in your system is the same for your pet, for more info checkout the hazard tips page.


Medicine + Drugs

medicine bottleOther general categories of substances that can be very deadly to your pet are; human, pet, and all other medications. Keep all medicine in an out of reach area. If disposing medicine, dispose of it properly. Take the trash out and put it in trash can outside, just in case one of your pets happens to scrimmage through the garbage. Also never treat your pet with human medicine or any other medicine/home remedies without consulting your vet.

Plants + Vegitation

Aloe Vera There are many dangerous plants that can be very harmful to your pet, we are compiling our list – check back soon!