The Culprits

This is one of culprits who poisoned my dogs. His name is nathan lee nolan. Below is a video of him on cops… Video courtesy of

The other culprits are tammy baughman, the mother (I would not even call her a mother, she was more of a surrogate parent except even surrogate parents care about their surrogate children, she does not even take care of her daughters, she only wants them so my brother and our family will suffer [oh yeah and child support $$$]) of my nieces and my brothers ex. Her sister samantha baughman and their mother kim baughman, and I am sure there are other “associates” of theirs they used to poison my dogs and harass my family.

Below are yearly updates in our struggle to fight for the girls and counteract this toxicity.

My brother does not have custody of the children, their tammy does. During most of the court dates, she did not live at her parents’ house (1545 Ring O Kerry, Milford MI, 48381) where the kids lived and stayed at. The only reason she wants them is so my brother and my family cannot raise them, oh yeah and child support, except she will not be spending it on the girls! She already got cosmetic surgery (breast implants)… And most of the time it is her parents raising the kids (which is even worse [just take a look at their children]). She is nowhere to be found, and her mother is not doing jack…As you can see in the video above, these children are being neglected, we have caught the girls not being in car seats many times. Not to mention the health effects of the secondhand smoke caused by all the females in the family.

These people do not care for these girls, yet when the court comes around they play nice. We see them every other weekend; the court system is very flawed always siding with the women. Justice is very blind, these people have threatened my family except called it a promise and then fulfilled their promise poisoning my dogs, they went after my sister at work, stole my other brothers identity. When is it going to end, police do not care about civil matters in a welfare state or animal rights, we have not “caught” them in the act, they always get away as usual.  The court will not act w/out any “proof.” There must be some way to control this poison of a people; I will make it my responsibility, my duty, my PAWroject to inform the people of this poison.

As of 2011; both my nieces ages 7 and 4 were diagnosed with asthma and have to use a breathing machine. The struggle continues and each day they become worse and worse. The 7 year old failed kindergarten last year and had to take summer school to pass. She passed her summer school but failed first grade the following year. She still lives with her roommate (that is probably the best descriptive term to call her “mother”) who is obviously not helping with school work. Her roommate was kicked out of her father’s house and now has her own house (5 mins away from ours), so Christine switched schools and started first grade again. The CPS does NOT care about all of these circumstances, these girls need help!

As of 2014; the struggle continues. It appears that the immediate danger to our pets seems that it has diminished but the lookout has never stopped. The poison to my nieces still exists. My nieces along with her roommate were evicted and now live in a smoke filled trailer park when they are not with us. Their roommate is now a stripper at a local club. There roommate’s mother (grandma – again that is a bad descriptive word) recently died due to a drug over dose.

Their health continues to get worse along with their diet. My oldest niece has repeatedly failed every grade she has ever been in and had to attend summer school every summer. This past summer of 2014 she was supposed to also attend but her roommate made a motherly decision (a poor one at that) for her not to attend. It takes from the time the girls come home from school up until 9-10pm at night to help them finish their homework. They need desperate education attention as they are deprived when they are not living with us. They are levels below in reading, math, science, you name it. Our family tries the best we can to teach them, but the knowledge does not stick. Their behavior gets worse by the minute, the younger one mainly. A week by us for the summer and they are whipped into decent shape. They go for a few days to that hell hole and come back as spawns of Satan. They usually also return covered in scrapes and bruises.

In progress – until the latest update from 2015-2016 are compiled.  Note worth mentioning: The man who poisoned my dogs, abused my nieces, and the same one who appeared on cops above committed suicide and hung himself.