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Dedicated to Dog Safety

It is 6:00 PM do you know where your dog is?  Well of course it is dinner time and they are underneath the table or underneath your chair waiting to scavenge!  Either you are a messy eater and they are waiting for drops and crumbs or you taught them a bad habit of begging (or waiting) for you to give them some of your food while you are at the table!  While that is another scenario for a later time, you often wonder can my dog eat this [insert delectable food item here]?  Unfortunately many people assume dogs have the same diet humans do and acting out of compassion give their dog all sorts of ‘human’ food!

Welcome to SafetyPaws.org, where we are dedicated to keeping our dogs safe! SafetyPaws is aimed to answer your questions within one site without having to check multiple sources.  We have an extensive and frequently updated list on what your dog should not consume, why not to consume it, and the side effects if your dog happens to consume it, as well as other resources such as training tips, what to do in an emergency, and much more!

These are the dogs that inspired the creation of this website; Rosco and Blue.