Hazardous Prevention

If you have heard of baby proofing your house, it is almost exactly the same as to puppy proof your home, backyard, and / or other property.  Whether your puppy proofing or baby proofing, keep in mind these next few tips.

  • Be aware of everything around your home both inside and outside; plants, other animals, garbage, medicine, chemicals, foods, furniture/appliance/object placements, etc…House hold cleaning supplies
  • Keep all cleaning, fragrances/hygiene, lawn/garden, pool, and all other chemicals / products locked away or in an area your pet cannot get to.
  • Also do not administer any of those products in areas where your pet sleeps or is most frequent, if one must absolutely use a cleaning product, make sure pet is away and will not be in the area within the next hour. If necessary use water to clean after chemical use. Follow all product labels, most are pet safe upon becoming ‘touch dry.’
  • Keep a very clean living environment for both yourself and pets, there can be many horrors lurking in a unclean atmosphere. Remove all feces (#2) ASAP!
  • Make sure all unnecessary power tools, appliances, phone chargers, and or anything else that is plugged in that does not need to be is out of reach. Not only are they using electricity (even if a phone charger is plugged in and no device is connected to it), but an over crowed power strip, surge protector, or even wall outlet can become a tangled mess. This can cause all sorts of harm such as electrical shock and entanglement.

Again these are just general basic tips that one would use to prevent self, home, child, puppy, other pet’s safety on one’s property.